Pedag Summer Washable Pure Cotton Terry Barefoot Insole

By Pedag


Keep your feet cool and dry with pedag Summer!

These breathable full length insoles are designed for the hotter months in mind. They are made of cotton terrycloth that absorbs sweat, preventing unpleasant foot odor. The perforated and grooved latex padding in the insole lets air circulate, keeping your foot cool even in the warmest day.

Soft and comfortable, pedag Summer is the ideal shoe insert for protecting your favorite loafers, boat shoes, flats or slip ons from discoloration or damage due to sock-less foot sweat. They work great as replacement insoles, or in addition to your shoe's current insole, given they are lightweight and won't add uncomfortable bulk.

Lightweight, breathable and unisex!

Made from natural cotton terry and padded latex, pedag's Summer insoles provide ultimate comfort. They are lightweight, breathable and thin enough to work with most low profile shoes. They also fit both men and women, and even children with bigger feet! Choose the size closest to your shoe size. If you are a half size, we recommend you pick the next size up and trim to fit perfectly inside your shoe.

Fully washable & hygienic

These insoles are fully washable, so they can keep on keeping your feet cool all summer long! Just hand-wash with your favorite gentle detergent and allow to dry. In order to stay soft, absorb sweat effectively and stay fresh themselves, they should be washed at the end of each day they are used.